Market Update

(October 24, 2013)

Positive press this week suggests that the market will continue to improve over the next 12 months leading to more balanced conditions. Regional sales still vary greatly depending on property type, price and location!  Current sales to active listing ratio is 13% for the Fraser valley, meaning 13 out of every 100 active listings will sell in a 30 day period! 

Market Update

(October 18, 2013)

A much busier week for showings and activity! Some pent up demand starting to surface and step up sales from buyers that now have offers on their homes! Financing remains challenging with lenders really tightening the reins. Overall activity is average for the time of  year, the good weather always helps!   

Weekly Update

(October 16, 2013)

The fall market seems to have finally kicked off with mores showings happening and some sold stickers starting to appear! Pent up demand should see this activity continue in coming weeks although it is still a fairly picky market with certain property types and price points receiving more attention than others !   

Weekly Market Update

(October 04, 2013)

Activity has once again picked up in the last week or so. More new listings are hitting the market and we are finally starting to see some offers. Overall sales stats were much higher than last  September but still hovering at about the 10 year average!